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About The Canadian Tax Foundation

The Canadian Tax Foundation is an independent tax research and education organization for tax professionals and Canada’s leading voice on tax issues.

Founded in 1945 as an independent tax research organization under the joint sponsorship of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Canadian Bar Association, the Foundation provides a unique forum for lawyers, accountants, academics and other tax professionals to work together for the betterment of the Canadian tax system and the tax profession in general.

The Foundation has long been respected by government policy makers for its objectivity, its focus on current tax issues, its concern for improvement of the Canadian tax system, and its significant contribution to tax and fiscal policy.

What We Do

The Foundation plays an important role in ensuring and increasing transparency in the Canadian tax profession and industry by creating forums in which tax professionals from both the private and public sector can come together and discuss issues in our rapidly evolving tax and fiscal environment. The Foundation’s annual conference brings together Canada’s tax experts from both public and private sector organizations to share ideas and address important issues.

The Foundation does not engage in lobbying activities at any level of government. It conducts impartial research and promotes understanding of the Canadian tax system through analysis, research and debate, and by providing perspective and unbiased recommendations concerning the equity, transparency, efficiency, and application of Canada’s tax system. The Foundation fulfils its educational mandate through conferences, seminars and a wide range of publications and sponsors or directly carries out expert research in the fields of taxation and public finance.

Key Facts

  • The Foundation is an independent tax research organization and Canada’s leading source of insight on tax issues, more information about the Foundation can be found here.

  • The Foundation recently celebrated its 70th anniversary of leading tax thought.
  • The Foundation has over 12,000 members.
  • The Foundation aims to provide comprehensive analysis and commentary on current issues in both Canadian and international tax law, tax policy, and finance and publishes a broad selection of materials in this regard.

  • The Foundation fulfils its educational mandate through conferences, seminars and a wide range of publications.

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Statement from the Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue - March 5, 2017

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