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We pride ourselves on having an engaged membership community, and we are proud to offer a number of ways for you to contribute to our vibrant group.

 Read, Write, Research

Are you looking for way to get published? We welcome your ideas and proposals for published submissions. It’s a great way to gain exposure and awareness.
The Foundation publishes a broad selection of materials on Canadian and international case law, tax policy, and finance.

Click on CTF Publications for a complete list of publications and information on how to submit your ideas.

Join the conversation

We are pleased to introduce featured blogs, where those who have a passion for tax can share their thoughts.

Click on the links below to join the conversation.

The Open Forum Blog

Tax Blog From Abroad

Professional Development that Engages

As Canada’s premier tax organization, the Canadian Tax Foundation is dedicated to providing conferences and events that inform, educate, and engage the tax community in an ongoing conversation about the tax system and developing issues within the system.

Contact our Events Team at conferences@ctf.ca or 1-877-733-0283 if you are interested in becoming an event speaker or serving as program committee member. 

Click on the events page to find out more about our programs.

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