Québec Office

Established in 1987, the Québec Office serves the Québec tax community in both English and French, and provides francophone practitioners across the country with access to the Foundation's services in French.

The Québec Office:

  • organizes luncheons with guest speakers and half-day and full-day conferences and technical seminars in French and English for tax practitioners, with the assistance of a conference planning committee made up of governors and active members of the Foundation;
  • organizes, with the assistance of a committee of young practitioners, special breakfast and luncheon presentations and other activities designed specifically to meet the needs of young practitioners with 10 years' experience or less in tax;
  • maintains excellent working relationships with tax authorities in both Québec and Ottawa, and represents the Foundation on certain committees and working groups
  • works with academics at Québec universities that offer tax programs and encourages students in these programs to write articles for the Foundation;
  • encourages the students as well to attend and to get involved in the organization of the Foundation’s activities for young practitioners;
  • works with professional associations in having the Foundation’s activities qualify for professional development credits;
  • handles membership information, registration, and renewal issues in French and English for both individual and corporate members;
  • drafts original material in French, translates into French material provided in English, reviews translations prepared by outside firms, and proofreads all material published in French by the Foundation, including the Foundation’s website; and
  • receives foreign delegations, structures programs, and organizes meetings for visiting scholars.

Financial Support

Support from the business and academic community is essential to maintaining the Foundation's independence and impartiality, to sustaining a research program that will continue to be responsive to a constantly changing fiscal environment, and to developing new ways of communicating tax information in an increasingly sophisticated technological workplace.

Membership subscriptions, TaxFind subscriptions, conference and seminar fees, publication sales, and separate financial support from individuals and corporations all contribute to the Foundation’s success. The Foundation receives no funding or other assistance from government.

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