Instructions to Contributors

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Invitation to Submit

The Canadian Tax Journal welcomes the submission of articles from all interested parties. Articles should not be submitted to another journal or publisher while under consideration by the Canadian Tax Journal.


Manuscripts may be submitted in either English or French.

Peer Review

After an initial assessment by the journal's editors to ensure that the submitted article falls within the journal's editorial mandate, the article is subject to double-blind review by at least two members of the editorial board. Additional ad hoc reviewers may be consulted when an article covers highly specialized material. The submitted article may then be (1) accepted outright; (2) accepted if recommended revisions are made; (3) revised by the author as requested by the editorial board and then resubmitted for further review; or (4) rejected with reasons.

Subject Matter

The submitted article should represent original scholarship and should be distinguishable from the existing literature on the topic. It should be accessible to the journal's readership of lawyers, accountants, economists, and policy analysts. Articles that contain extensive mathematical extracts or that use advanced statistical or econometric analysis are inappropriate for the journal, unless their essential methodology and findings can be clearly conveyed to the readership and their technical content confined to a brief appendix.

The journal especially welcomes articles that contribute to the analysis, design, and implementation of tax policy.

Method of Submission

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts (accompanied by a current curriculum vitae) by e-mail as a Word attachment to Vivien Morgan at vmorgan@ctf.ca.

Response Time

Initial receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged immediately. In most circumstances, authors will be notified of the publication decision within six weeks.

Manuscript Preparation

Contributors are responsible for submitting detailed abstracts of their manuscripts, for providing complete and accurate citations to reference materials used, and for preparing manuscripts in the prescribed format. For details regarding formatting, go to Style and Format Guide.

Because all articles are subject to double-blind review, a separate cover page should accompany each submission. The cover page should include the author's name, e-mail and postal mail addresses, telephone number, and fax number. Authors should take care not to identify themselves directly or indirectly in their articles.

Disclosure Policy

Authors must disclose, at the time of manuscript submission, any actual or potential conflicts of interest that may arise in connection with the submitted manuscript through or as a result of their consulting activities, financial interests, or any other non-academic activities.

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