Conference Reports

The Conference Report is the report of the proceedings of the Foundation's principal annual tax conference held for two and a half days every November. The Foundation's conferences provide tax specialists in all areas of practice with an opportunity to develop their knowledge of particular aspects of the tax system and to exchange information and ideas with other tax specialists in business, academia, and government. Papers in the Conference Report document the material presented at the conference but also reflect on and benefit from the discussion that authors engage in during the conference. The conference is usually organized to include sections on recent cases, tax policy, legislative and administrative developments, corporate taxation, international taxation, and other specialist areas.

There are also several regional conferences (British Columbia, Prairie Provinces, Ontario, and Atlantic Provinces), and special subject conferences that focus on major tax and public economics policy issues of immediate concern. Unedited versions of these papers are available for regional conferences, and special-topic conference proceedings are occasionally published.

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2016 Conference Report

2016/2017 Regional Conference Binders

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