2019 Recipients of the Award



Philip Friedlan

Philip’s contribution to both the leadership and the publications of the Canadian Tax Foundation has been outstanding. He has rendered exceptional service to the Foundation as a member of its Board of Governors (2006-2009) and as a member, for many years, of the Program Committee for the Ontario Tax Conference. His published work first appeared in the Conference Report of 1989, and he has contributed many papers to the Ontario Tax Conference. In addition, he is a founding and a continuing contributor to one of the Foundation’s quarterly newsletters, Tax for the Owner-Manager. His articles and papers are valued additions to the tax literature in Canada.


The Honourable Karen Sharlow

The Honourable Karen Sharlow was appointed to the Federal Court in 1999 and then, later the same year, to the Federal Court of Appeal, where she served for 15 years and became a well-known authority on complex tax matters. Her first published work for the Canadian Tax Foundation appeared in Canadian Tax Highlights in 1993, and she went on to publish in both the Conference Report and the Canadian Tax Journal. As well as being a strong supporter of the Foundation’s Young Practitioners program, she has participated for more than 25 years in the Foundation’s conferences, contributing papers and presentations on diverse tax-related topics. Her contribution to taxation law in Canada and to the Canadian Tax Foundation has been exceptional.

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