2020 Recipients of the Award


Shawn D. Porter

Shawn’s contribution to the Foundation—as a leader, as an author, and as our representative in the wider tax community—has been extraordinary. Generously donating his time to the Foundation’s administration, he has served as chair and vice-chair of the Board of Governors, chair and member of the Executive Committee, and chair of the Finance Committee. He has been a frequent speaker, Planning Committee member, and chair at Foundation conferences, and he consistently participates in seminars and projects sponsored by the Foundation. A distinguished writer, he has contributed to the Canadian Tax Journal, and is the author of a number of conference papers. He is also a co-author of the second edition of Timing and Income Taxation: The Principles of Income Measurement for Tax Purposes. Dedicated to policy issues, Shawn contributed to Canadian tax policy while on an executive interchange at Finance Canada, and he has influenced the careers of countless young tax professionals throughout his distinguished career at Arthur Andersen and Deloitte.

David A. Ward

David, who passed away in 2010, exemplified the generous accomplishment that this award seeks to honour and celebrate. Through his distinguished writing and his participation in events and organizations—he served as a governor of the Foundation from 1988 to 1991—he volunteered his time tirelessly to the tax community, and he inspired others, by example and by direct encouragement, to do the same. He was a prolific and versatile writer whose work, meeting the highest standards of excellence, commanded respect in the tax community around the world. He contributed over 25 articles and papers, on domestic and international tax subjects, to the publications of the Canadian Tax Foundation, and his thoughtful analyses of Canadian tax issues did much to enhance the Foundation’s international reputation. David was also a valued mentor to countless professionals in his capacity as founding partner of Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg, which was established in 1961 and is known today as one of North America's preeminent law firms.

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