2016 Prairie Provinces Tax Conference:

Planning in a High-Rate Environment

May 30-31, 2016
The Fort Garry Hotel | 222 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB

Online registrations are now closed. Please register onsite at the conference.

The registration desk will open at 7:00 am on Monday, May 30 and remain open for the duration of the conference. Please check in at the registration desk, located in the Fort Garry Hotel in the Loggia Foyer, 7th floor.

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Renew your acquaintances, create new alliances with other tax professionals and government officials, and benefit from great networking opportunities.
Program | Monday, May 30, 2016
7:00 am 
Registration and Breakfast

8:15 am
Opening Remarks

Wayne Adams, Director of Membership & Community Relations
Canadian Tax Foundation

Brian Sexton, Taylor McCaffrey LLP, Winnipeg
8:30 am -
9:25 am
Current Issues

A review of recent legislative and administrative developments in federal and provincial tax law, including a review of federal and provincial budgets for 2016.

Jeremy Bomhof, CPA, CA, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Winnipeg
Stephen May, CPA, CA, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Winnipeg

9:25 am -
10:20 am
Recent Court Decisions

A review of recent cases that affect owner-managed businesses and private companies.

Glen Gerrie, Ernst & Young LLP, Winnipeg   
David Silver, Pitblado LLP, Winnipeg

10:20 am -
10:30 am
10:30 am -
10:50 am

Michael Zeismann, Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP, Winnipeg
10:50 am -
11:35 am
Trust Planning and Administration after the Implementation of the GRE Rules - A Comprehensive Case Study

Analysis of the key changes affecting estate planning that came into effect January 1, 2016. The speakers explore, with illustrations, how practitioners can deal practically with existing structures and plan for the future with these new rules. The presentation will include an update on potential changes to legislation that may affect trust and estate practitioners. 

Leilani Kagan, Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP, Winnipeg
Kartik Nurpuri, KPMG LLP, Winnipeg

11:35 am -
12:15 pm
21−Year Trust Planning

This presentation will focus on planning with respect to the 21-year deemed disposition rule for trusts and tax-deferred rollouts to beneficiaries.  The presentation will include possible strategies to deal with non-Canadian-resident beneficiaries, matters relating to section 75(2) of the Income Tax Act, and drafting of trusts to best allow for future planning.

Johanna Caithness, Fillmore Riley LLP, Winnipeg

12:15 pm - 
12:25 pm 
12:25 pm - 
2:00 pm
Cathie Brayley, Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP, Vancouver
2:00 pm -
2:40 pm
Purchase and Sale of a Business

Selected issues relating to the purchase and sale of a business. More specifically this presentation will examine planning issues regarding safe income determination time and the change in the eligible capital property regime. Numerical examples will be used to illustrate these concepts.

Greg Huzel, CPA, CA, MNP LLP, Winnipeg

2:40 pm -
3:20 pm
Farming Tax Update    

Farming tax update, including a discussion of planning opportunities available to farm business owners when real estate values increase dramatically. 

Shawn Friesen,
CPA, CA, BDO Canada LLP, Portage la Prairie
Dustin Mansfield, CPA, CA, BDO Canada LLP, Brandon

3:20 pm - 
3:30 pm 
3:30 pm - 
3:50 pm  
David Elrick, CPA, CA, KPMG LLP, Winnipeg
3:50 pm - 
4:40 pm  
Avoiding Family Law Fiascos in Family Estate Freezes

This session will review some of the family−law considerations that should be taken into account when effecting an estate freeze, including whether or not an interest in a trust is a divisible asset at the time of relationship breakdown; how the “gift and inheritance” exemptions found in most provincial family law statutes may help to protect assets in certain cases; the rights of common-law partners in various Canadian jurisdictions; and when domestic contracts may be necessary."

Christine Van Cauwenberghe, TEP, CFP, RRC, Vice-President, Tax & Estate Planning, Investors Group Financial Services Inc., Winnipeg

4:40 pm - 
4:50 pm 
5:15 pm - 
8:00 pm  
Cocktail Reception

If you’re feeling a little taxed after Monday’s sessions, we’ve arranged something special to help you unwind. Join us for appetizers and drinks at Taylor McCaffrey's Blackstone Lounge.

Taylor McCaffrey LLP's Blackstone Lounge & Patio
11th floor – 400 St. Mary Avenue | MAP
Program | Tuesday, May 31, 2016
7:30 am 
Registration and Breakfast

Trevor Sprague, CPA, CA, MNP LLP, Winnipeg
8:30 am -
9:25 am
Because It’s 2016:  Remuneration Strategies for Today’s Owner-Manager

This presentation will explore the advantages and disadvantages of salaries versus dividends under the tax regime facing Canadians today.  We will revisit integration concepts, income-splitting opportunities, and how changes to the current tax rates affect how owner-managers will want to be remunerated.  We will also look at the long-term implications that these compensation strategies may have on overall wealth generation.  Through the use of examples, the presentation will illustrate factors to be considered when determining the tax efficiency of various remuneration strategies.  The presentation will also include the recent tax changes affecting private corporations, including RDTOH and dividend refunds, as well as the proposed changes to CCPC’s used to reduce personal income tax obligations for high-income individuals.

Mariska Loeppky,
CPA, CA, TEP, Investors Group Financial Services Inc., Winnipeg
Sheryl Troup, CPA, CA, Investors Group Financial Services Inc., Winnipeg

9:25 am -
10:20 am
Navigating Challenging Economic Times: Important Tax Tools and Traps  

The session will cover issues and planning opportunities that may be relevant during an economic downturn. Topics will include impaired debts, debt forgiveness, loss consolidations and other tools and traps that can be effective in challenging economic times.

Daniel Morrison, Felesky Flynn LLP, Calgary

10:20 am -
10:30 am
10:30 am -
10:50 am

Maria Snelgrove, CPA, CA, Deloitte LLP, Winnipeg
10:50 am -
11:40 am
Subsection 55(2) – The Road Ahead

The panelists will discuss how the new rules affect common planning, normal dividends, creditor proofing, and purification. The discussion will also include how to calculate safe income.

Kim G. C. Moody, FCA, TEP, Moodys Gartner Tax Law LLP, Calgary
Kenneth Keung, CA, TEP, Moodys Gartner Tax Law LLP, Calgary

11:40 am -
12:20 pm
The Mobile Employee with a Focus on Business Travelers into Canada

For numerous reasons, many organizations have become highly integrated. As a result, the volume of foreign-based employees travelling to Canada for short periods of time on a frequent basis has increased significantly.  The presence of these non-resident employees in Canada gives rise to a broad range of Canadian tax and payroll issues for both the employer and the employee.  Traditionally, compliance with the Canadian tax rules required significant administration and resources, even where no tax was payable in Canada by either the employer or the employee.  In response to feedback from the business community, Finance Canada introduced changes to the withholding and reporting rules surrounding frequent business travelers in order to increase efficiency.  The presenters will discuss the spectrum of issues posed by these changes, as well as Canada Revenue Agency’s new employer certification program which was administratively adopted on January 1, 2016.

Bill Fridfinnson, CPA, CA, CFP, Deloitte LLP, Calgary
Jeffrey Paisley, CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois), Deloitte LLP, Calgary
12:20 pm - 
12:30 pm 
12:30 pm - 
1:30 pm

Howard Morry, Pitblado LLP, Winnipeg
1:30 pm -
2:10 pm
Timing and Income Taxation: Foreign Exchange Issues    

Jon Gilbert, Felesky Flynn LLP, Edmonton

2:10 pm -
2:50 pm
Charities, Not-for-profits, and Other Exempt Entities: Losing Your Status and Your Reputation

Florence Carey, Aikins MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP, Winnipeg

2:50 pm - 
3:00 pm 
3:00 pm - 
3:20 pm  
3:20 pm - 
4:20 pm  
Dispute Trends with CRA

Paul Grower, Fillmore Riley LLP , Winnipeg
Ainslie Schroeder, Department of Justice Canada, Winnipeg
J. Paul Vienneau, Chief of Appeals, Winnipeg Tax Services Office, Winnipeg

4:20 pm -
4:30 pm

4:30 pm
  Program is subject to change. Please check back frequently for the most up-to-date version.

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