May 28-29, 2018
The Delta Bessborough Hotel | 601 Spadina Crescent E, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3G8

Advance registrations are now closed for this event. Please contact Conferences@ctf.ca for any inquiries.

The registration desk will open at 7:15 am on Monday, May 28 and remain open for the duration of the conference. Please check in at the registration desk, located in the foyer of Adam Ballroom at the Delta Bessborough.

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Program | Monday, May 28, 2018
7:15 am 
Registration and Breakfast

8:15 am
Opening Remarks
Heather L. Evans, Executive Director & CEO, Canadian Tax Foundation

Moderator: Hugh Neilson, FCPA, FCA, TEP, Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP, Edmonton
8:30 am -
9:25 am
Current Issues

A review of recent legislative and administrative developments in federal and provincial tax law, including a review of federal and provincial budgets for 2018.

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Jeff Harrison, CPA, CMA, MNP LLP, Regina
Jaymon Hill, CPA, CA, MNP LLP, Saskatoon

9:25 am -
10:20 am
Recent Court Decisions

A review of recent cases that affect owner-managed businesses and private companies.

John Agioritis
, MLT Aikins LLP, Saskatoon
Wes Unger, CPA, CA, EY LLP, Saskatoon

10:20 am -
10:30 am
10:30 am -
10:50 am

Moderator: Heather Evans, Canadian Tax Foundation, Toronto
10:50 am -
11:35 am

A Primer on the Taxation of Shareholders and Directors

This session is intended to assist advisors who represent owner-manager businesses. The presenters will provide practical insights on a number of issues related to the taxation of shareholders and directors including: 

  • A refresher on the s. 15 shareholder benefit provisions, including the application of the new back-to-back loan rules in the private company context;
  • A discussion of directors’ liability;
  • A review of relevant provisions utilized by Canada Revenue Agency to collect income tax, goods and services tax, and source deductions from shareholders and directors – including the application of s. 160 of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

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Lee Braaten, FCPA, FCA, PwC Canada, Saskatoon
Amanda S.A. Doucette, Stevenson Hood Thornton Beaubier LLP, Saskatoon

11:35 am -
12:15 pm
An Owner-Manager Remuneration Perspective on Individual Pension Plans and Retirement Compensation Arrangements

This session will provide an update on integration, and will discuss the viability of Individual Pension Plans and Retirement Compensation Arrangements for your client.  

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Darryl Antel,
Moodys Gartner Tax Law LLP, Edmonton

12:15 pm - 
12:25 pm 
12:25 pm - 
2:00 pm
Guest Luncheon Speaker:
Blockchains, crypto-assets, and the law
An introduction to blockchains and how this technology may affect your practice in the near and long term

Joshua Stark
Co-founder at L4 Inc.

Moderator: Wayne Adams, Canadian Tax Foundation, Ottawa
2:00 pm -
2:40 pm

Succession Planning, Wills and Estate and Post-Mortem 

This session will discuss common estate and post-mortem planning strategies including pipelines and 164(6) plans, as well as provide a framework to determine situations where each plan would come to a better tax result. The presenters will also discuss differences in provincial laws which may impact tax and estate planning and the impacts of recent legislative reforms on post mortem and estate planning.

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Stephen Miazga,
Felesky Flynn LLP, Saskatoon
S. Dane ZoBell, Felesky Flynn LLP, Edmonton

2:40 pm -
3:30 pm
First Nations Tax Issues with a Business Focus

This session will consider and analyze the consequences of business structures used by First Nations to carry on commercial activities or to partner with taxable commercial organizations. The session will also cover planning the structure to carry out these commercial activities and how different tax exemptions can be accessed by different structures. The presentation will also focus on (i) planning opportunities arising from First Nation’s delegated taxing authority which allows them to impose property, sales, and income taxes, and (ii) Goods and Services Tax and Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax matters impacting First Nation’s commercial activities.

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Joseph A. Gill, McKercher LLP, Saskatoon
Judith Charbonneau Kaplan, KPMG Law LLP, Edmonton
Nicole Watson, CPA, CA, KPMG LLP, Kelowna
3:30 pm - 
3:40 pm 
3:40 pm - 
4:00 pm  

Moderator: Cory G. Litzenberger, CPA, CMA, CFP, CGL Strategic Business & Tax Advisors, Red Deer
4:00 pm - 
5:00 pm  

Trump's US Tax Changes - How do the changes affect Canadians

  • Impact on Canadian business (especially private business) operating in or expanding into the US.
  • Issues for individual taxpayers – US citizens living in Canada; Canadians with US investments and/or vacation properties; etc.
  • Implications on planning for US inbound investment/business activities in Canada


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Jordan Mendez,
KPMG LLP, Edmonton
Krista Rabidoux,
KPMG LLP, Edmonton

5:00 pm - 
5:10 pm 
5:10 pm - 
7:30 pm  
If you’re feeling a little taxed after Monday’s sessions, we’ve arranged something special to help you unwind. Join us for appetizers and drinks at the MLT Aikins lounge on the 17th floor, for the chance to unwind and catch-up with colleagues.

The offices of MLT Aikins LLP
1500 Saskatoon Square, Saskatoon, SK S7K 5T6
17th Floor
Program | Tuesday, May 29, 2018
7:30 am 
Registration and Breakfast

Moderator: Craig Hermann, EY LLP, Saskatoon
8:30 am -
9:25 am
TOSI Rules - How they now work and practical applications

This session will review the new Tax On Split Income (TOSI) legislation and how the new rules will impact traditional private corporation planning.  It will also look at the impact of the TOSI rules on Professional Corporation structures and the use of family trusts.  The session will include a summary of income splitting options that are still available to taxpayers.

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Trista Gallant, CPA, CA, EY LLP, Saskatoon

9:25 am -
10:20 am
Subsection 55(2) & Safe Income

This session will review guidance provided by CRA on transactions commonly undertaken in the owner manager context.  The presenters will also consider examples from the recent Joint Committee submission to the Department of Finance which may require legislative clarity.  

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Bryant Frydberg, Miller Thomson LLP, Calgary
Shashi B. Malik, CPA, CA, TEP, Miller Thomson LLP, Calgary

10:20 am -
10:30 am
10:30 am -
10:50 am

Moderator: Stefan Koo, CPA, CA, PwC Canada, Saskatoon
10:50 am -
11:40 am
A Review of the Specified Corporate Income and Specified Partnership Income Rules and their Application

A review and update of Specified Corporate and Partnership Income and impact on common business structures, allocation of business limit and 256(2) elections as well as recent administrative positions and practical challenges such as: information gathering from various parties, corporations with different year ends, calculation of “income for the year” of business with a private corporation in a cash basis business, calculation of income from a business (and allocation of expenses) with another private corporation and reasonable discretion of the Minster, among others.

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Jeff Hansen, CPA, CA, Virtus Group LLP, Regina
Graham Purse, MLT Aikins LLP, Regina

11:40 am -
12:20 pm

Passive Investment Income

Federal budget is expected to provide draft legislation on the taxation of corporate passive investment income.  The purpose of this topic is to review the federal budget materials on the taxation of corporate passive investment income, discuss its effects on corporations and shareholders, and identify possible issues and steps that clients should be considering.

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H. Michael Dolson,
Felesky Flynn LLP, Edmonton
Crystal L. Taylor, Felesky Flynn LLP, Saskatoon

12:20 pm - 
12:30 pm 
12:30 pm - 
1:30 pm

Dustin Mansfield, CPA, CA, BDO Canada LLP, Brandon
1:30 pm -
2:10 pm
Opportunities, Pitfalls, and Traps Accessing the Capital Gains Exemption on Qualified Farm Property

This session will provide an in-depth review of the capital gains exemption rules as they apply to various types of eligible farming property.   When family farm corporations and partnerships are involved in the family farm structure it is important to understand the requirements to access the lifetime capital gains exemption both on the interests in these entities as well as on the property that is used by them.

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Gavin Friedley, BDO Canada LLP, Edmonton
LeRoy Leenstra, BDO Canada LLP, Red Deer

2:10 pm -
2:50 pm
Partnership Structures

Partnerships remain a viable structure when advising clients in the business of holding and developing real estate.  This session will review planning tips and traps, and explore other business opportunities that could benefit from the flexibility provided by partnerships.  

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J. Scott Bodie, Bennett Jones LLP, Calgary
Ashley M. White, Bennett Jones LLP, Calgary

2:50 pm - 
3:00 pm 
3:00 pm - 
3:20 pm  
Moderator:   Tamara Larre, College of Law, University of Saskatchewan
3:20 pm - 
4:00 pm  
A Primer on the Federal Carbon Tax

The presenters will describe the key components to the federal carbon tax recently proposed in The Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, from the perspectives of the collectors and consumers.  Where appropriate, comparisons will be drawn to the provincial carbon tax regimes implemented by Alberta and British Columbia, and some of the problematic areas encountered by those provinces. The article will highlight practical issues that may result if the legislation is implemented in its current form.  The article will also touch on the difficulties of competing federal and provincial taxation of carbon.

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Erica M. Hennessey, Felesky Flynn LLP, Calgary
Deborah L. Jarvie, PhD, CPA, CGA, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge & Calgary

4:00 pm -
4:50 pm

A Potpourri of Tax Administration Issues

This session will involve a panel discussion from seasoned tax practitioners on a diverse range of tax administration and tax controversy topics including: 

  • The scope of CRA's ability to demand and collect tax information from a taxpayer under sections 230, 231.1, 231.2 of the Income Tax Act and related issues surrounding legal privilege; 
  • CRA's expanded efforts at restraining offshore tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance;
  • Changes to the voluntary disclosure program, and
  • Select CRA collection powers, including garnishment, priorities and the impact of bankruptcy and insolvency.


Douglas Ng, CPA, CA, MNP LLP, Calgary
Brooke Sittler, Department of Justice, Saskatoon
Kurt Wintermute, MLT Aikins LLP, Saskatoon

4:50 pm -
5:00 pm

5:00 pm

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