Founded in 1945 as an independent tax research organization under the joint sponsorship of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Canadian Bar Association, the Foundation provides a unique forum for lawyers, accountants, academics and other tax professionals to work together for the betterment of the Canadian tax system and the tax profession in general.

For our 13,000 plus members, the Foundation is a valuable resource for the scope and depth of the tax information it provides and for its services to members, which support their everyday work in the taxation field.

The Foundation has long been respected by Government policy makers and administrators for its objectivity, its focus on current tax issues, its concern for improvement of the Canadian tax system, and its significant contribution to tax and fiscal policy.

Our Mission

The Canadian Tax Foundation is Canada’s leading source of insight on tax issues. The Foundation promotes understanding of the Canadian tax system through analysis, research, and debate, and provides perspective and impartial recommendations concerning its equity, efficiency, and application.

Our Work

The Foundation fulfils its educational mandate through conferences, seminars and a wide range of publications.

The Foundation also sponsors or directly carries out expert research in the fields of taxation and public finance, publishes the results of that research, and provides opportunities for discussion of tax issues among business and professional people, academics, and government officials.



Professional Development

Financial Support

Support from the business and academic community is essential to maintaining the Foundation's independence and impartiality, to sustaining a research program that will continue to be responsive to a constantly changing fiscal environment, and to developing new ways of communicating tax information in an increasingly sophisticated technological workplace.

Membership subscriptions, TaxFind subscriptions, conference and seminar fees, publication sales, and separate financial support from individuals and corporations all contribute to the Foundation’s success. The Foundation receives no funding or other assistance from government.

Media Relations

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