Membership Information FAQs

Why do you need my home address?

Having your home address provides the Foundation with an alternative to your business address. Should you change your workplace, take a leave of absence, or retire, you will continue to receive the Canadian Tax Journal without interruption.

Why do you need my personal e-mail address?

Providing the Foundation with your personal e-mail address in addition to your business e-mail address ensures that, if your regular contact details change, you will continue to receive our electronic newsletters (Canadian Tax Highlights, Tax for the Owner-Manager, and Canadian Tax Focus) and current membership news.

Why do you need my birthdate?

The Foundation offers a reduced membership fee for members who are 65 years of age and older, and your membership record must contain your birthdate in order for this special fee (if applicable) to be implemented. We understand that many members have security concerns about birthdates. Because our system requires a full date and does not accept a year of birth alone, you may enter your birthdate as the last day of your birth year (for example, 12/31/1960), provided that the year is correct.

What is my “tax practice start date” and why do you need it?

Your tax practice start date is the date on which you first started practising tax as a professional.

Your tax practice start date determines whether you meet the definition of a young practitioner (YP)—that is, a Foundation member who has been practising tax for no more than 10 years. The Foundation provides special programming to YPs.

YPs who have been practising for no more than three years qualify for a reduced membership fee.

All YPs qualify for reduced fees at most of the Foundation's events.

Knowing the tax practice start date of practitioners (that is, members who have been practising tax for more than 10 years) helps the Foundation to target its programming more effectively.

Why do you need my designation(s)?

This information helps us to better understand the demographics of our membership and to target our programming more effectively.

Why do you need my job (position) title?

Your job (or position title) completes your mailing information and helps to ensure that you receive Foundation mailings such as the Canadian Tax Journal in a timely manner.

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