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All prices are in Canadian funds unless otherwise indicated. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Sales Taxes

  • GST/HST registration number R-106867260
  • QST registration number 1007810055

Residents of Canada are subject to tax at the prevailing tax rates on their purchases from the Foundation, as follows:



GST Only




Conference Registration Fees


Conference Binders



Membership Fees


Event Videos


Seminar Registration Fees


Shipping and Handling


Subscription to CTJ


TaxFind Subscription Fees




The Foundation accepts payment by cheque or credit card. Payment by debit card is not accepted. The following credit cards* are accepted:


*To protect the security of our members, the Foundation cannot accept e-mails containing credit card information (number, expiry date, security code).

Website Transactions

To make an online transactions—to register for an event, purchase a publication, or pay fees for membership or TaxFind®—you must be logged on to the CTF website. If you have not logged on before, click on My Account, then Create an Account, and follow the instructions.

All transactions processed on the CTF website must be paid with one of the valid credit cards shown above.


The Foundation does not issue tax receipts for online transactions. The CTF website generates purchase confirmations for registrations, publications, membership fees, and TaxFind® fees. These confirmations are considered to be receipts. You should print these confirmations for your records.   


Membership is valid for one full year from the date that we receive your application and payment. Payment must accompany the application. Membership is non-transferable, and fees are non-refundable.

Membership expires at the end of the membership term. After the expiry date, the Foundation allows a grace period of 30 days during which you continue to receive membership benefits.

If your membership fees are not paid by the end of the grace period, your membership is cancelled. You may reinstate your membership by contacting [email protected].

The Foundation offers several types of membership, with rates that reflect the stages that individuals have reached in their professional careers. To view member types and rates, click here.

Members are required to inform the Foundation of the following information:

  • the date that the member began practising tax (“tax practice start date”)
  • the date that the member reaches 65 and qualifies for retired-member rates

Students are required to provide the following to qualify as student members:

  • valid email address associated with the institution you're enrolled,
  • must be enrolled in a recognized program as a full-time student
  • the date that the member (if a student) will stop being a student,

When an individual’s membership status changes, any applicable change in rates will be applied at the beginning of the next membership year.


Events organized by the Foundation are open to both members and non-members.


All attendees must register individually for Foundation events. Sharing a registration between two or more individuals is not permitted. Registration is not complete and cannot be confirmed until payment is received. Group registrations are available for certain events.

Admission to Events

Admission to event sessions and functions is restricted to registered individuals wearing the official event name badge. The name badge must be worn at all times in order to participate in conference activities. The name badge cannot be shared with or transferred to another individual.

Registration Substitutions

Substitution is permitted if a registrant is unable to attend a conference. The registration may be transferred to another individual, provided the substitute has the same membership status as the original registrant. Requests for substitution should be submitted to the Conference Department ([email protected]). The deadline for substitution requests is five business days prior to the start of the conference. Substitution requests after the deadline must be made at the conference site.

Registration Cancellation

A registration may be cancelled by providing a written request for cancellation to the Conference Department ([email protected]). The cancellation deadline is five business days prior to the conference start date. Refunds for the registration fee less the applicable administration fee will be issued by cheque; please contact the conference department for details. Refunds do not apply for cancellation requests received after the deadline.

Personal Information Consent

Information gathered from your registration for the conference will be used and disclosed by the Foundation for the purposes of administering the conference. In addition, a delegate list containing names, companies, e-mail addresses, cities, and date of registration is produced, and it is made available to sponsors, exhibitors, and others involved with the Foundation who may want to contact delegates regarding networking activities during the conference. If you do not want your name and contact information included in the delegate list and thus disclosed, please e-mail us at the time of the registration, at [email protected] in order to opt out. For more information on our privacy practices, see our privacy policy.

Conference Photos

The Foundation photographs and videotapes events for our archives. These images may on occasion be published on the Foundation’s website and its social media accounts for conference-related purposes. Registrants who do not want their image published must notify the Conference Department ([email protected]).


The Foundation does not permit the use of recording devices in any session.

Conference Sessions on Video

The Foundation records conference sessions for post-conference viewing via the CTF website. Access to videos is automatically granted to individuals who registered for the conference/event. Individuals who were not registered for the conference/event but want to view the videos may purchase access to them separately.

Conference Materials


Conference material will be made available electronically (via the Foundation’s website and/or events app) a few days prior to each event. Notifications will be sent via email upon availability. For certain events, conference materials can be provided in hardcopy format for an additional charge.

Douglas J. Sherbaniuk Research Centre 

Loan Service 

All visitors to the Research Centre may use its books, journals, and online databases, including TaxFind. We offer a loan service only to Foundation members. Loans must be arranged indirectly; a library affiliated with the member’s firm, company, or university may request a publication from our stacks (Research Centre Catalogue) on the member’s behalf. The member may pick up the requested material either in person or by courier. The loan period is one week, and loans may be renewed twice, for a period totalling three weeks. Rare and historical books from our archival collection are excluded from the loan service. All library patrons may request, in lieu of loans, tables of contents from publications. Contact Ask a Librarian for more details.

Photocopying and printing

Photocopies and computer-printed pages are 20 cents per page (single- or double-sided) for members and 25 cents per page for non-members. Photocopies and printouts may be made only in reasonable quantities and only for personal research purposes.

Computer Workstations

Computer work stations, with Wi-Fi and Microsoft Office suite, are available to all users of the Research Centre, along with a comprehensive collection of tax research databases.

Downloading or exporting data

Licences prohibit (1) the downloading, exporting, or copying of digital information, obtained from the Research Centre’s commercial-subscription databases (whether accessed online or via DVDs), to external memory/storage devices; and (2) the electronic transmission (via e-mail, cellphones, tablets, or other means) of copyrighted information.


The Canadian Tax Foundation is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property, such as laptops or cellphones, during your time at the Research Centre.   

The Canadian Tax Foundation reserves the right to check your personal bags if the security gate alarm goes off while you are exiting the Research Centre.


The Foundation licenses access to TaxFind® under its standard licensing agreement. Licences are available in single- and multi-user formats for a term of 12 months from the date of purchase, and they renew automatically on the annual renewal date. Licence fees are non-refundable.

Access to TaxFind® is restricted to the individual named on the licence, who must be registered with the Foundation at the time the licence is purchased. In the case of multi-user licences, the number of registered users cannot exceed the number of licences purchased; however, access may be transferred from one individual to another, if required.

    As part of its ongoing commitment to promoting the understanding of the Canadian tax system, the Foundation provides access to TaxFind® at no charge to students who are enrolled in a recognized tax program. Applications for access must be submitted in advance by the instructor of the program. Please contact [email protected] for more information.



Individual purchase of publications. Publications available for purchase are listed on the CTF website and must be purchased through the website. Orders are not accepted over the phone or by email. To purchase a publication, you must log into your account on the CTF website and make the transaction there. If you are purchasing a publication on behalf of another individual, you must use that individual’s account information for the purchase. If you are ordering multiple copies on behalf of multiple individuals, you must place separate orders for each individual, using each individual’s account information.

Bulk purchase of publications for schools. Bookstores or professors who want to place a bulk order for a book to be used for a course may send a request by email to [email protected]. In these cases, an invoice will be issued, and payment may be paid by cheque or credit card.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling charges apply to all orders. Rates are based on the delivery location and, the total weight of the order. Orders are shipped via Canada Post Parcel service. Please allow one to two weeks for delivery in Canada and the United States and four to six weeks for delivery outside North America.


The Foundation permits the return of books and other publications within 30 days of the original order date. 

Returns must be pre-authorized by the Canadian Tax Foundation, and they must be in excellent condition—unused, unsoiled, and undamaged. A 15 percent restocking fee will be applied. The cost of shipping the publications back to the Foundation is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Unauthorized books or publications returned in soiled or damaged condition will not be accepted for refund or credit.

On receipt of the returned publications, the Foundation will issue a refund by cheque in an amount equal to the purchase price times the number of units less the 15 percent restocking fee and applicable taxes. Shipping and handling fees charged on the original order are not refundable.

To arrange for a return, contact [email protected].

Subscriptions to the Canadian Tax Journal 

The Canadian Tax Journal is published quarterly.  The subscription year is January to December.  Partial year subscriptions are not accepted, however, individual copies may be purchased without a subscription. 

New Subscriptions

The CTF Subscription Order Form must be completed for all new orders. Subscription orders received after the first issue has been distributed will be back-dated to January 1st and any back issues will be sent on receipt of payment.  Unless an alternative arrangement is requested, subscription orders received in November/December will begin the following January.

Subscription Renewals

The CTF issues subscription renewal notices approximately six weeks in advance of the renewal date. Payment is required prior to the renewal date.  A copy of the subscription renewal notice should accompany payments made by cheque.  Payments must include the CTF ID number assigned to the subscriber or the subscription agency (as applicable).  Payments received by the CTF that do not comply with these terms will be returned to the sender.


Non-delivery of an issue of the Canadian Tax Journal must be reported to the Subscriptions Department ([email protected]) within eight weeks of the issue's publication date. Claims will be investigated and a replacement issue shipped as soon as possible.

Subscription Cancellations

Subscription cancellation requests will be processed so as to take effect on the expiry date (December 31st) of the current subscription year. Subscription fees are non-refundable.