Editor: Vivien Morgan, JD Volume 22, Number 9, September 2014

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Volume 22, Number 9, September 2014
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  • Anonymous 10/9/2014 8:27:48 PM

    To the compatibility fix, many firms now store software on a server or remote desktop unit (my terminology may not be technically accurate, but the gist is that the Internet Explorer software is on a computer other than the one sitting on the user's desk). In many such architectures, changes like adding the compatibility fix do not remain, but are eliminated when the user's session is ended. They then must re-implement the fix every time they want to log in. It's pretty easy to see how that can become a frustrating event as each new newsletter is released and the user must revisit this fix to download the document.

    While it is a Microsoft glitch, it's impacting CTF users - if Microsoft is not willing or able to fix it, CTF needs to assess how it can be fixed. I can access .pdf files at many other sites without this issue arising, so there must be ways to allow .pdf's to be accessed without encountering this issue.