Canadian Tax Journal

1991, Volume 39, Issue Number 3

Family Law and the Family Jewels — Daniel Sandler (Full text - PDF)
La rétroactivité des contrats en droit civil — impact fiscal — Diane Bruneau (Full text - PDF)
The Social Cost of Canadian Labour Taxes — Wayne Thirsk and Jeff Moore (Full text - PDF)
 567 Time-Consistent Data for Alberta's Public Finances, 1968 to 1989Paul Boothe (Full text - PDF)
 590 Provincial Budget Roundup, 1991David B. Perry and Karin Treff (Full text - PDF)
637 Current Cases: (SCC) The Queen v. McClurg  — (FCA) Baron et al. v. The Queen  —(FCTD) Cohen v. The Queen
International Tax Planning: The Recognition of Canada's Tax Treaties Within Provincial Corporate Income Tax Legislation
Personal Tax Planning: Students and Taxation
 690 Planification fiscale personnelle :  Les étudiants et l'impôt
709 The Taxation of Corporate Reorganizations: Dividend Access Shares
Fiscal Figures: A Brief Review of Consolidated Government Finance
Current Tax Reading
 745 Checklist
 833 In the Library