Canadian Tax Journal

2001, Volume 49, Issue Number 6

1459 Protections Against Self-Incrimination in Income Tax Audits, Investigations, and InquiriesWilliam I. Innes and Matthew G. Williams (Full text - PDF)
1496 Le tendance jurisprudentielle en matière de fabrication en tranformationNicole Prieur (Full text - PDF)
1539 Winning at Hide and Seek: The Tax Mix and the Informal Economy Daniel Brou and Kirk A. Collins (Full text - PDF)
1563 Current Cases: (SCC) Ludco Enterprises et al. v. The Queen; The Queen v. Singleton; Canada(Deputy Minister of National Revenue) v. Mattel Canada Inc.; (TCC) 9000-6560 Québec Inc. v. The Queen; Ventes D'Auto Giordano Inc. v. The Queen
1593 International Tax Planning: Rethinking the Canadian Inbound Business Model: Part 2 (Abstract - PDF)
1621 Personal Tax Planning: Estate Planning and Succession Planning: An Integrated Approach (Abstract - PDF)
1645 Planification fiscale personelle : Planification successorale et planification de la relève : Un approche intégrée (Abstract - PDF)
1673 The Taxation of Corporate Reorganizations: Tax Indemnity Clauses: Some Practical Considerations (Abstract - PDF)
1696 Selected US Tax Developments: What to Expect in the New US-Canada Treaty (Abstract - PDF)
1709 Current Tax Reading (Full text - PDF)
1723 2000-1 Award-Winning Student Paper: The Canadian Tax Foundation Jean Potvin Award for Québec/Lauréate du concours du meilleur texte d'étudiant pour 2000-1 : Prix Jean Potvin de l'Association canadienne d'études fiscales pour le Québec
    The Retroactive Effect of Conditional Obligations in Tax Law Marie-Pierre Allard (Full text - PDF)
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