Canadian Tax Journal

2003, Volume 51, Issue Number 5

1761 Monetization, Realization, and Statutory Interpretation—Paul D. Hayward (Full text - PDF)
1825 Les déclinaisons de la notion de redevance selon l'impôt de la partie XIII : Redevance et concept élargi de redevancePierre Gonthier (Full text - PDF)
1908 To Disclose or Not To Disclose After-Tax Returns of Mutual FundsAmin Mawani (Full text - PDF)
1918 Policy Forum: Comments on Taxing Choices: The Intersection of Class, Gender, Parenthood, and the Law, by Rebecca Johnson (Full text - PDF)
1922 Tax Policy, Theoretical Explorations, and Social Realities—Claire Young (Full text - PDF)
1931 Tax Talk—Nancy Staudt (Full text - PDF)
1953 Taxing Choices: A Conversation About the Demands of Motherhood on Tax Policy—Lorna A. Turnbull (Full text - PDF)
An Embedded Review—Pat Armstrong (Full text - PDF)
Reflections on Intersections: Some Post-Game Comments—Rebecca Johnson (Full text - PDF)
1977 Current Cases: (FCA) The Queen v. Imperial Oil Limited et al.; (TCC) Rona Inc. v. The Queen; State Farm et al. v. The Queen
1994 International Tax Planning: Canadian Parent Corporations Versus US Parent Corporations: Advantage Canada (Abstract - PDF)
2026 Corporate Tax Planning: An Overview of Domestication Transactions in the Insurance Industry (Abstract - PDF)
2051 Current Tax Reading (Full text - PDF)