Canadian Tax Journal

2004, Volume 52, Issue Number 4

i Douglas J. Sherbaniuk Distinguished Writing Award/Prix d'excellence en rédaction Douglas J. Sherbaniuk
1057 The Erosion of GIC Returns by Income Taxes and InflationAmin Mawani, Moshe Milevsky, and Josh Landzberg (Full text - PDF)
1076 Comsumption Taxation in a Digital World: A PrimerJenny E. Ligthart (Full text - PDF)
1102 What Drives Provincial Health Expenditure?Livio Di Matteo (Full text - PDF)
Policy Forum: Comments on the Deductibility of Interest
1121 Thoughts on the Deductibility of Interest and Other Expenses—Paul K. Tamaki (Full text - PDF)
1130 Interest Deductibility Restrictions—Expecting Too Much for REOP?—Tim Edgar (Full text - PDF)
1173 Current Cases: (FCA) The Queen v. Loewen; Les Plastiques Algar (Canada) Ltée et al. v. MNR; Hewlett Packard (Canada) Ltd. v. The Queen
1186 International Tax Planning: Foreign Affiliates and the New Foreign Investment Entity Rules, Revisited (Abstract - PDF)
1217 Personal Tax Planning: Refundable Dividend Tax on Hand and the Dividend Refund: Planning To Maximize the Tax Benefits (Abstract - PDF)
1237 Planification fiscale personelle : Impôt en main remboursable au titre de dividendes et remboursement au titre de dvidendes : Planifier pour maximiser les avantages fiscaux (Abstract - PDF)

Selected US Tax Developments: New US International Tax Legislation May Be the Most Significant Since 1986 (Abstract - PDF)

1285 Current Tax Reading (Full text - PDF)