Canadian Tax Journal

2008, Volume 56, Issue Number 1

i Appointment of New Director of the Canadian Tax Foundation (Full text - PDF)
ii Nomination du nouveau directeur exécutif de l'Association canadienne d'études fiscales (Full text - PDF)
iii Richard B. Thomas, 1943-2008 (Full text - PDF)
v Richard B. Thomas, 1943-2008 (Full text - PDF)
1 From the Revenue Rule to the Rule of the "Revenue": A Tale of Two Davids and Two GoliathsDavid Bishop Debenham (Full text - PDF)
67 The Rule of Reason Doctrine in European Court of Justice Jurisprudence on Direct TaxationElie Roth (Full-text - PDF)
141 Policy Forum: Editor's IntroductionScott Wilkie (Full text - PDF)
143 Policy Forum: Responses to Aggressive Tax Planning—A Study Framework Gilles N. Larin, Robert Duong, and Marie Jacques (Full text - PDF)
Current Cases: (FCA) The Queen v. JES Investments Ltd.; (TCC) International Charity Association Network v. The Queen; Lang et al. v. MNR; (FCAFC) Commissioner of Taxation v. Word Investments Limited
188 Personal Tax Planning: Combining Trusts and Life Insurance in Estate Planning: Tricks and Traps (Abstract - PDF)
214 Planification fiscale personnelle : Une planification successorale combinant fiducie et assurance-vie: Plèges et astuces (Abstract - PDF)
243 Corporate Tax Planning: Copthorne: Series of Transactions Revisited (Abstract - PDF)
269 Current Tax Reading (Full text - PDF)