Canadian Tax Journal

2010, Volume 58, Special Supplement

1 The Honourable Donald G.H. Bowman: A Judge's JourneyJ.Scott Wilkie (Full text - PDF)
5 Going for the Jugular: Justice Bowman's Approach to the Craft of JudgingNeil Brooks and Kim Brooks (Full text - PDF)
29 A Fireside Chat with the Chief Justice of the Tax Court of CanadaThe Honourable Donald G.H. Bowman with Al Meghji and J. Scott Wilkie (Full text - PDF)


Donald Bowman's Career as a Tax Litigator for the Crown, 1962-1971Roger Taylor and Wayne Adams (Full text - PDF)
The Qualities of a JudgeSheldon Silver (Full text - PDF)
63 Fairness, Common Sense, and Justice in Deciding Tax Cases: The Legacy of Justice BowmanGuy Du Pont and Wilfrid Lefebvre (Full text - PDF)  
87 The Development of the Tax Court of Canada: Status, Jurisdiction, and StatureIan MacGregor, Thomas Akin, Jeff Oldewening, and Kimberly Brown  (Full text - PDF)  
101 The Significance of Commercial and Accounting Principles in Canadian Tax CasesPaul K. Tamaki and Gabrielle Richards (Full text - PDF)  
111 Tax Treaty Cases, 1965-2008David A. Ward and Stephen S. Ruby (Full text - PDF)  
127 Justice Bowman on Substance over FormBrian J. Arnold and Jinyan Li (Full text - PDF)  
141 Breaking Bad: "Remediation" and Tax Plans Gone Wrong–Judicial AttitudesNathan Boidman, Nicolas X. Cloutier, and Edwin G. Kroft  (Full text - PDF)
149 Decisions Involving Legal Relationships: Partnership, Employee Versus Independent Contractor, and AgencyElizabeth J. Johnson and Jeffrey C. Johns (Full text - PDF)
175 The Evolution of the Reasonable Expectation of Profit TestGordon Williamson and Larry Chapman  (Full text - PDF)
191 Ministerial Assumptios and Burden of Proof in Tax AppealsWilliam J. Innes and Edwin C. Harris  (Full text - PDF)
201 The Tax Treatment of IntangiblesBlake Murray, Richard Tremblay, and Susan Wooles  (Full text - PDF)
211 Justice Bowman's Decisions on the Deductibility of InterestHoward J. Kellough  (Full text - PDF)
225 The Evolution of the International Tax RulesSandra Slaats and Penny Woolford  (Full text - PDF)
243 The Unthinkable Anathema of Double Non-Taxation: The Relevance and Implications of Foreign Tax Considerations in the Context of Applying GAARAngelo Nikolakakis  (Full text - PDF)
303 A Period of InterestWarren Mitchell  (Full text - PDF)