Canadian Tax Journal

2011, Volume 59, Issue Number 3

421 The Unthinkable Policy Option? Key Design Issues Under a System of Full Consolidation—Antony Ting  (Full text - PDF)
463 Are Consumption Taxes Regressive in Quebec?Luc Godbout and Suzie St-Cerny  (Full text - PDF)
495 Dividends and Corporate Governance: The Effect of Canadian Tax ReformsImed Chkir and Samir Saadi (Full text - PDF)
527 Special Report: Tax Litigation DemystifiedPooja Samtani and Justin Kutyan  (Full text - PDF)
Current Cases: (TCC) 4145356 Canada Limited v. The Queen; Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. v. The Queen; Sommerer v. The Queen
571 International Tax Planning: Foreign Affiliates: Tracing the Purpose and Use of Funds (Abstract - PDF)
591 Personal Tax Planning: Tax Issues and Opportunities for the Family Office: Protection, Preservation, and Growth of Family Assets  (Abstract - PDF)
617 Planification fiscale personnelle : Problèmes fiscaux et possiblilités pour le bureau familial : protection, préservation et croissance du patrimoine (Abstract - PDF)
 645 Corporate Tax Planning: Corporate Transactions: Cross-Border Compensation Restructuring (Abstract - PDF)
 673 Selected US Tax Developments: US Tax Concerns Relating to Stock Rights Under IRC Section 409A (And Traps for the Unwary US  Executive)  (Abstract - PDF)
687 Current Tax Reading (Full text - PDF)