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The Foundation publishes three newsletters:

Members receive all three newsletters as part of their membership and have access to the searchable archives on this website. (Canadian Tax Focus and Perspectives on Tax Law & Policy are available to both members and non-members.) Readers are welcome to directly express their views on articles through comment boxes.

In addition to the newsletters, the Foundation publishes the Executive Director’s monthly message and the Arnold Report, which is available only to members.

Perspectives on Tax Law & Policy, a quarterly newsletter, provides a variety of perspectives on important policy-related issues in the tax system, with the goal of fostering informed, accessible commentary that bridges the gap between tax professionals, policy makers, and the general public. Each issue addresses a broad, compelling theme in taxation. A central article surveys the theme, with shorter articles commenting on selected aspects of the theme. This newsletter is also available in French as Perspectives en fiscalité et en politique fiscale.

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Idea for an article? Is there a topic you’d like to see discussed? Read the submission guidelines and e-mail the editor Jeffrey Trossman.


Tax for the Owner-Manager is a quarterly newsletter aimed at owner-managers of private corporations and their advisers. Contributors from across Canada report on tax developments (legislative, administrative, and judicial) of interest to readers, and on the accompanying planning traps and opportunities. Tax for the Owner-Manager is available in French as Actualités fiscales pour les propriétaires exploitants.

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Do you have an idea for an article? Is there a topic you’d like to see discussed? E-mail the editor, Thomas E. McDonnell.


Canadian Tax Focus, a quarterly newsletter, is associated with the Canadian Tax Foundation Young Practitioners chapters across the country. Articles are written by young practitioners with up to 10 years of professional experience. Topics range across the breadth of tax practice—the latest tax news, or reviews of core knowledge that should be in every practitioner’s toolkit. This newsletter is freely available to everyone, members and non-members.

Latest Issue and Archives

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Do you have an idea for an article? Is there a topic you’d like to see discussed? E-mail the editor, Alan Macnaughton.


Issues of Canadian Tax Highlights, the Foundation’s long-running monthly newsletter, discontinued as of 2020, are available to members.



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