Message from the Executive Director

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June 2019

Hello to all CTF members—

Most of you are aware that we recently updated our website. This effort was part of a larger commitment to continually improving our digital services, an effort that also included the new TaxFind platform and the ongoing enhancements to our live webcasts.

One objective of our website redesign was to create a much cleaner interface that would be easier for you to navigate—allowing you to quickly locate the information you require, and simplifying such transactions as renewing your CTF membership, registering for an event, or purchasing a publication. I hope that we have achieved this goal. I welcome your feedback, so please pass along any thoughts you may have on how we can continue to improve the website.

We strive to ensure that our services are tailored to our members’ needs and that they reflect the evolving nature of the Canadian tax community. To accomplish this objective, we require accurate data about our membership population. Recently, we asked you to confirm your preferred format for delivery of the Canadian Tax Journal (print or digital) in response to queries from members who were unaware that they had the option of electronic delivery alone. This month I have a related request. To assist us in ensuring that your membership details are accurate, please take a moment to log into your account and confirm that your information is up to date: click here to edit your profile.  It will take only a few minutes and will greatly assist us. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please contact the membership team at

I know that this is an exceedingly busy time of year for many of our members. I recently came across a lovely turn of phrase—the “high tide of June.” The phrase refers to the seasonal abundance of nature and daylight that seems to reach its apex during this month, and it struck me as both beautiful and accurate. However, I am well aware that for many of us, work and client demands also reach their apex in June, making it difficult to relax and enjoy the beauty all around us in every region of Canada at this time.

So I will conclude with two thoughts. First, thank you so much to the many wonderful volunteers who find time during this busy June period to help with the planning of our fall conference season (planning activity that is also at its peak right now), and thanks also to those who agree to spend time writing papers and speaking at Foundation events. And second, I hope that all of you find time to relax and recharge in the wonderful summer months that are just around the corner. I think you deserve it!

See you next month.

Heather L. Evans,
Executive Director and CEO