Publish with the CTF

Invitation To Submit

The Canadian Tax Foundation welcomes the submission of manuscripts for prospective publication, and it offers you the opportunity to work with our experienced editorial team in producing a publication that meets the high standards of the Foundation.

Style and format guidelines

All manuscripts submitted for publication should be prepared in accordance with the Foundation's style and format guidelines.

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Publication process

All manuscripts submitted for publication are refined through our publication process: they are carefully reference-edited, copyedited, and formatted to meet the Foundation's standards.

1. All manuscripts submitted to the Canadian Tax Foundation for publication are reference-edited and copyedited by the Foundation’s experienced team of in-house and freelance editors.

2. Once the editing is complete, the manuscript is sent for typesetting and formatting, and galleys are created.

3. Galleys (in PDF format) are sent to the authors for review and correction, along with a copy of the edited manuscript, for the authors’ reference. There may be queries for authors, and minor amendments are permitted at this stage.

4. The author’s corrections and those of the proofreader are incorporated into the master galleys, and production proceeds to paging and eventual publication.