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Benefits of TaxFind

TaxFind is the Canadian Tax Foundation’s database of tax scholarship, both current and historical—over 150,000 pages of (1) articles from the renowned Canadian Tax Journal and the Foundation’s newsletters, (2) the proceedings of 50 years’ worth of annual and regional Foundation conferences, and (3) some of the Foundation’s most important published books.

Updated monthly, TaxFind is a collection unique in its depth of tax analysis and research, an invaluable research tool for tax practitioners in need of solutions to complex tax challenges. The new TaxFind includes, along with a brand new, easy-to-use interface, cutting-edge features that tax professionals will find indispensable.

About TaxFind


  • Search Visualizer: see your search results on the fly, narrowing or expanding results as you build your search.
  • Filters and Table of Contents: create your own filters to narrow results by publication, year range, or specific authors.
  • Print-Format PDF: download the original, self-contained source of a TaxFind document.
  • Collections: create a mini-library based on topics or issues of interest to you. Keep it for future reference, and add new content whenever you need to.

The Foundation offers TaxFind to both 
individuals and corporations.

Licence Fees

TaxFind is licensed on a per user basis.

Current Year

  Member Non-member
 Single user  $662.00  $1061.00
 2-9 users  $562.70 per user  $902.00 per user
 10-24 users  $529.60 per user  $849.00 per user

Rates effective May 1, 2020

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