Douglas J. Sherbaniuk Distinguished Writing Award


 2020   Michael H. Lubetsky - “Income Tax Disputes Involving Loss Years: Pitfalls, Foibles, and Possible Reforms” (2019) 67:3 Canadian Tax Journal pp. 499-531.

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 2019   James J. Samuel - “Interaction of the Foreign Affiliate Surplus and Safe-Income Regimes: Selected Anomalies, Issues, and Planning Considerations” (2018) 66:2 Canadian Tax Journal pp. 269-307.

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 2018   Joel Nitikman - “Life Is Change: Using Powers of Amendment in a Non-Charitable Trust—Rules and Tax Implications” (2017) 65:3 Canadian Tax Journal pp. 559-632.

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 2017          Rachel A. Gold, Jeff Oldewening and Chris Sheridan, “Statutory Ratification” (2016) 64:1 Canadian Tax Journal 293-325.

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 2016   Ken Buttenham, Ian Bradley, and Marianne Thompson,  “Recommended Amendments to the Upstream Loan Rules” (2015) 63:1 Canadian Tax Journal 245-67.

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2015   Jonathan Rhys Kesselman and Peter Spiro, “Challenges in Shifting Canadian Taxation Toward Consumption” (2014) 62:1 Canadian Tax Journal 1-41.

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2014   Catherine Brown and Arthur J. Cockfield, “Rectification of Tax Mistakes Versus Retroactive Tax Laws: Reconciling Competing Visions of the Rule of Law” (2013) 61:3 Canadian Tax Journal 563-98.

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2013   David Jacyk, “The Jurisdiction of the Tax Court: A Tax Practitioner’s Guide to the Jurisdictional Galaxy of Constitutional Challenges” (2012) 60:1Canadian Tax Journal  55-92.

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