Best Newsletter Article by a Young Practitioner Award

The “Best Newsletter Article by a Young Practitioner Award” is given for the best CTF newsletter articles which were written solely by Young Practitioners. The CTF defines a Young Practitioner as an individual who has worked in the taxation field for 10 years or less.

Award recipients for a given year will be announced in the fall of the following year.




H. Michael Dolson and Kyle Ross, "Windups, PUC Reductions, And GAAR: Implications Of The CRA's 2018 Commentary" (2019) 19:4 Tax for the Owner-Manager

Anjali Navkar and Thanusan Raveendran, "The Rise Of Crypto Funds And The Offshore Investment Fund Property Rules" (2019) 27:12 Canadian Tax Highlights

Henry Shew, "Post Mortem Pipeline Fails For Non-Resident Beneficiaries" (2019) 9:1 Canadian Tax Focus

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Kyle Ross, "Taxable Windup: A Practical Approach to Capital Dividends" (2018) 18:3 Tax for the Owner-Manager 3-4.

Matt Trotta and Rami Pandher, "Trust Residence Post-Fundy" (2018) 26:2 Canadian Tax Highlights 11-13.

Kathryn Walker, "Making or Accepting Payment in Crypto: A GST/HST Risk?" (2018) 8:1 Canadian Tax Focus 3. Read the article



Amanda S.A. Doucette and Britney Wangler, "Normal Borrowing by CCPC Owners Can Create an Income Inclusion" (2017) 7:1 Canadian Tax Focus 1-2. Read the article

Bud Goff and Michaella DePalo, "US State-Tax Strategies To Reduce Double Taxation" (2017) 7:4 Canadian Tax Focus 1-2. Read the article

Lauchlin MacEachern, "The Small Business Deduction: Is Its Complexity Justified?" (2017) 17:3 Tax for the Owner-Manager 2-3.



Karina Shahani, "CRA's Bad News for Canadians Investing in US Real Estate" (2016) 6:3 Canadian Tax Focus 2-3. Read the article

Alison Spiers, "ECP Planning: Some Practical Considerations" (2016) 6:4 Canadian Tax Focus 1-2. Read the article



H. Michael Dolson, "What To Expect in Tax Adjudication" (2015) vol. 23, no. 4 Canadian Tax Highlights, 3-4.

Kenneth Keung, "Section 55 May Now Apply to Every Intercorporate Dividend" (2015) vol. 15, no. 3 Tax for the Owner-Manager, 3-4.

Colleen D. Ma, "Estate Plans Involving Trusts Require Review" (2015) vol. 5, no. 1 Canadian Tax Focus, 9-10. Read the article



Chris Watt Bickley, “US Taxpayers and Canadian Mutual Funds: Reducing the Tax Risk” (2014) 4:1 Canadian Tax Focus 2. Read the article

H. Michael Dolson, “Stop PSB Proliferation” (2014) 22:9 Canadian Tax Highlights 1-3.

Lauchlin MacEachern, “Ten-Year Limitation Period for Tax Debts Arising Prior to 2004” (2014) 14:3 Tax for the Owner-Manager 8-9.

About the Award

Newsletter articles, in addition to being a valuable service to the profession in their own right, are often a stepping-stone to lengthier pieces of writing, such as contributions to CTF conferences and articles in the Canadian Tax Journal. Early success in writing newsletter articles as a young practitioner (YP)—by the CTF definition, an individual who has worked in the taxation field for 10 years or less—may lead to a career in tax in which writing is a regular and continuing part of one’s contribution to the profession.

Individuals interested in participating in any of the events and activities of the Young Practitioners chapters of the CTF across Canada are invited to contact the chair of their local steering committee or if you are new to the CTF you can contact Robyn Corrigan ([email protected]) of the CTF national office. In Québec they are invited to contact Lucie Bélanger (lbé[email protected]) of the CTF’s Quebec Office.

Young practitioners interested in writing for the Foundation newsletters are invited to contact the respective newsletter editors. 

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The Canadian Tax Foundation has chosen to encourage the writing of newsletter articles by YPs by creating the “Best Newsletter Article by a Young Practitioner Award”.  The award is to be given for the best newsletter article which (a) appeared in any of the 3 CTF newsletters in a calendar year, and (b) was written solely by one or more authors who was a YP at the time of publication. The first award is for the year 2014, and was presented at the Board of Governors Mentorship Dinner Gala in Montreal on November 21, 2015, immediately preceding the 67th Annual Tax Conference.